Is Fetch Rewards Safe and Legit

Is Fetch Rewards Safe and Legit? Important Things to Know Before You Join

You may be wondering 'Is Fetch Rewards Safe to Use?' Read this first before you join.

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When I joined Fetch 2 years ago, I also wondered, “Is Fetch Rewards Safe to Use?”

It’s a valid question to ask. 

Before you join, you may want to thoroughly understand what Fetch Rewards does with your data. I spent some time researching this for you, which you’ll read about here. 

I can also share that in the time I’ve been using the Fetch app, I’ve earned over $13,375 in free gift cards and have had no issues whatsoever.

Fetch points
Fetch App Gift Cards

It really does pay to be a Fetch rewards member. Though it does come at a price.

Is Fetch Safe?

The short answer is, Yes, Fetch is safe to use. 

Since their inception in 2013, the Fetch app has grown in popularity and now over 17 million active users have gained the trust of Fetch.

The Fetch app was also the 4th most downloaded shopping app in 2022, only behind e-commerce giants Amazon, Shein and Walmart.(according to State of Mobile 2023 report)

Fetch Does Not Collect Credit Card Info

Fetch does not collect your bank or credit card information. When you register for a new Fetch account, you’ll only be asked minimal questions such as: 

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • State You Reside In
  • Phone Number

You’ll also be asked to create a password for your account and verify your phone number. 

This is to ensure that when you’re ready to cash out your Fetch points that the free gift card reward is reaching the intended user with the phone number associated with the Fetch account. 

Fetch phone verification
Fetch app number verified

There also used to be a feature called Fetch Pay, which operated in partnership with ONE Finance. It enabled you to earn additional points when using the Fetch Pay debit card to make shopping transactions.

That program has since been discontinued. In this case, Fetch once again did not collect any banking information from you. The banking side was handled by ONE Finance. 

Furthermore, shopping receipts do not have your full banking nor credit card information on it. This means that Fetch will not have access to this sensitive data unless you willingly provide it to them. 

Fetch will never ask for this. So be on high alert if you receive a scam phishing email or text message requesting this information from you.

What Does Fetch Rewards Do with Your Receipts?

Fetch will use your receipts along with that of millions of other Fetch users to aggregate data and analyze large-scale market trends and shopping behaviors.

Your information will also be used for internal business marketing purposes to personalize the services being marketed to you. 

This means that the featured offers list shown on your Fetch app feed will be more personalized to your shopping behavior based on the receipts you upload.

The hope is that you will redeem more of the offers from partnered brands, such as Huggies, which consequently helps Fetch make money.

In return, Fetch will reward you for your receipts with Fetch points, which can be converted into free gift cards. 

Is Fetch Rewards Safe for Amazon?

When you give Fetch access to your Amazon eReceipts, you’re also giving them access to your Amazon log-in and to whatever information is on your digital receipt. 

Even though Fetch is overall safe to use, no app is 100% percent bulletproof from hackers. I try to minimize my exposure to hackers by not connecting my eReceipts to Fetch or any other shopping apps for that matter.

Does Fetch Rewards Sell Your Information?

Yes, Fetch does sell your consumer data. Companies that use Fetch for business marketing purposes, use your information to track overall consumer behavior and to target you with appropriate offers.

This is one of the downsides to using the Fetch app. You are agreeing to receive marketing emails and solicitation from Fetch partnered brands.

Here’s a list of brands that partner with Fetch so that you’re aware of which other companies may also have access to your Fetch user account data.

How Does Fetch Share Your Information?

Fetch also shares your information in a variety of other ways. According to the Fetch Privacy Policy, below are some ways in which your information is shared.

  • With Partnered Brands – They can send you emails and use your data according to their internal company privacy policies.
  • With Other Services Providers – This includes other market research firms.
  • With Third Party Services – For instance, Fetch shares your information with GoodRx if you use that feature within the app.
  • With Friends on Fetch Social – This is a newer feature and one that you may want to pay closer attention too. Friends connected with you on Fetch Social will be able to see names of merchants from which you scanned receipts, points earned, your name and state among other things.
  • With Business Partners – Fetch states that they share information with One Finance for their Fetch Pay debit card. This program no longer exists. Members who were previously signed up to the program, such as myself, may have had their Fetch data shared with One Finance.
  • With Other Users in the Referral Program – If you referred someone to Fetch using your referral code or referral link, then they may be connected with you on Fetch Social. This will enable them to see some data on your account.
  • With Third Parties for Legal or Security Reasons – If some legal issues occur with Fetch, then they may have to disclose your information as necessary.
  • With Your Consent – Fetch states, “We may share information in other ways if you give us consent or direct us to do so.”

Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Yes, Fetch, previously Fetch Rewards, is a legitimate shopping rewards app that has paid out over $340 million in rewards points since inception. They currently have over 17 million monthly active users on the site, including myself! 

Is Fetch Rewards Safe? Final Verdict

The Fetch app is safe enough to use to earn cash back rebates on your shopping receipts, if you don’t mind your usage data being shared with others. 

They are a trusted company and partner with some of the top household name brands including General Mills, Huggies, Glad, Hellmann’s, Betty Crocker and more. 

I’ve been using the Fetch app for 2 years and have had no issues with it. 

I don’t get a ton of marketing emails from either Fetch or from their marketing partners. Since having earned over $13k with them in free gift cards, I feel I have benefited more from using the Fetch app then not! 

I also stack other receipt scanning apps to earn more cash back rewards. 

These include Receipt Hog, Ibotta and Shopkick that you may also be interested in checking out as well!

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